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LED & Conventional lighting solutions - Philips lighting

LED & Conventional lighting solutions - Philips lighting

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Philips is the primary Signify brand for lamps and luminaires, and one of the most respected in the industry.

Discover our professional and consumer Philips lighting products,about the Consumer products and Professional products.


For your home

Hue personal wireless lighting, LED lights, Luminaires, Bulbs

For professionals

LED lamps & tubes, Conventional lamps & tubes, Indoor luminaires, Outdoor luminaires

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Improve your well-being 

Our lighting innovations will change how you experience light.

Public Spaces

Create efficient, livable cities

Build a smarter city with connected lighting that can reduce energy and maintenance costs, stimulate economic development, and enhance the life of citizen

Office & Industry

Optimize your building

Optimize your building with smart connected lighting systems from Philips Lighting to save energy and improve operational efficiency while also enhancing employee productivity, and well-being.

Retail & hospitality

Enhance the in-store experience

With the right LED lighting retailers can create a compelling brand identity to engage and inspire shoppers.  While software apps over in-store positioning (IPS) can guide and personalize the shopping experience.

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