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Best LED High Mast Lighting–Buyers Guide

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High pole lighting provides correct illumination for the big outside locations such as airport terminal, freeway, incurable, arena, parking lot, seaport, delivery lawn.

LED is a really common light for these objective due to its high power efficiency, versatility as well as sturdiness.

Besides, the most effective high mast lighting system ought to have proper lux level, lighting harmony as well as shade temperature. Let’s check out just how to pick the best illumination for high pole poles as well as why must we change the metal halide, mercury vapor and also HPS with LED lights.

LED High Mast Lighting Design

1.Power & Lux Level (Brightness) Calculation

According to Texas Department of Transportation High Mast Lighting Guide, the mounting height of the luminaries is at least 100 ft. To calculate the power of high mast tower lights required, we need to know the lighting requirement first. In general, it takes approx. 300 to 500 lux for recreational sports field, and 50 to 200 lux for airport apron, seaport and outdoor industrial areas.

For instance, if the lux level is 300 for a community football field, the lumen needed = 300 lux x 7140 sq. meter = 2142000 lm; hence, the estimated, minimum power required = 15000W. The actual value increases with the height of mast.

2. High Lighting Uniformity for Better Coverage

The most effective high pole lights system must offer lighting with high uniformity. It shows the proportion in between minimum to average, or minimum to optimum. We can see the maximum illumination harmony is 1.

Nevertheless, we can hardly ever achieve such the optimum worth due to unpreventable light scattering and also projection angle of the luminaries. Illumination uniformity of 0.7 is currently incredibly high since this is for expert arena holding international matches such as FIFA World Cup as well as Olympics.

For the parking area, airport terminal and port, 0.35 to 0.5 would certainly be appropriate. Why do we need to have uniform lighting?

It is because the uneven light & dim spots would certainly cause eye exhaustion, and also it may be rather dangerous if some crucial areas are not intense sufficient.

We, MFG, offer you with free photometric lights design (DIALux or RELUX) according to the flooding plan and also lights requirement, and also thus you can always get the very best lighting system for the high mast towers.

3. Anti-glare

Anti-glare lights decreases the stunning effect. This attribute is especially crucial for roadway users. The blinding lights may enhance the response time and result in tragic consequence. Our LED lights are geared up with built-in anti-glare lens that reduce the glare as much as 50%, which boost security as well as user experience.

4. Solar Powered Mast Lighting

Besides, we can add the solar powered panel to high pole lights, which convert daytime power into electrical energy.Depending on the power of the LED lights, the completely charged battery can last for 3.5 to 5 hrs, which conserves energy and also helps protect the atmosphere.

5. Color Temperature

Yellow (~2700K) and white light (5500K) have their own advantage. Yellow light is more comfortable to see, which is advantageous for employees that are frequently exposed to the artificial illumination in the office.

However, white light permits us to see the genuine color of the items. Depending on your need and also application, we will certainly aid pick the correct color temperature level.

6. Avoid Light Pollution

Substantial light spreading and reflection will cause light contamination and also influence the neighboring residential areas.

Our LED lights have superior optics and also lighting style that reduce the light air pollution in the best degree. The exact luminaries positioning and also physical barn doors prevent the beam from taking a trip to the unnecessary location.

Running Cost of LED High Mast Lighting System

Apart from the lamp cost, we need to know more about the cost of running the high mast lighting. Sometimes we may need to have up to 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 lumens lighting. The wrong selection of luminaries will double, triple or 10x your electricity cost.

The way to identify the energy efficiency is looking at the luminous efficiency having the unit of “lumens per watt” or “lm/W”. The halogen light has 10 to 20 lm/W, HID has 60 to 80 lm/W, while LED has 120 to 140 lm/W, which means under the same power consumption, LED lights give brighter illumination.

For the 10000W LED high mast lights, the running cost = 10000W x 8 hours x $0.12/1000 = $9.6 daily, and $288 monthly. If you use halogen flood lights, this value will be 10 times higher because of its lower energy efficiency.
LED Replacement for HID, HPS and Mercury Vapor Lights

1. LED is More Energy Saving

LED is the excellent match of high mast lighting due to its high lumen result. For the same illumination requirement, LED always utilize less power than metal halide, HPS or other traditional lights because of its overwhelming luminous efficacy.

It suggests the amount of lumens create per each watt power consumption. Our LED lights have 150 lumens per watt, which has to do with 2 times of the HID, and also 10 times of halogen light bulbs.

2. Less Maintenance When Comparing to HID Lights

Choosing the durable luminaries will save your maintenance price. Considering that the high mast lighting is placed on the tower up to 30 to 50 meters, they are susceptible to harm due to severe weather.

Our exterior LED lights have IP65 water resistant function, which is able to hold up against heavy rain and thunderstorm. Our LED can even operate at -45 ° C, which appropriates for countries that usually snow.

Besides, LED has the amazing 100000 hours life expectancy, which indicates the light lasts for at the very least 25 years if you transform them on for 8 hours daily. Given that the installment price is often equivalent to the rate of the lights, adopting the lights having exceptionally lengthy service life in high pole tower can conserve your costly upkeep cost and priceless time.

3. Better Lighting Control

Our outdoor high mast LED flood lights support DALI dimming and DMX control, which assist the user to adjust the brightness with ease. Please feel free to contact our engineers for more support by filling in the form. We customize the best high mast lighting system for you.

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