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Best LED Tennis Court Lighting

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1. Our Tennis Court Light Fulfils the Requirement

Many of us may have little idea on the number of sets and the setup of the LED illumination. No matter for exterior or interior tennis court, we require to know the nature of your court, whether it is for recreational use for specialist matches.

For the commercial field which is opened for the general public, the illumination needed is about 200 to 300 lux. In fact, the brightness requirement will certainly be various because of the distinct requirement imposed by the owners.

There are 3 classes of lighting classification according to the IITF’s tennis court lighting recommendation.

Class I is one of the most professional, for the worldwide competition such as Wimbledon Championships;

Course II represents Mid-level competition like the local club’s suits;

Course III is for recreational matches.

These 3 classes have various lux need. For example, 500 lux for Class I, 300 & 200 lux for Class II & III specifically.

2. Get the Right Power of Tennis Court Floodlights from Us

In this page we take 200 lux as an example, as it is just one of the most typical scenarios.

Allow’s do a quick calculation, to light a 200 meter-square court, at least we need to mount the lights producing 200 m2 * 200 lux = 40,000 lumens.

If you choose our LED flooding lamps for tennis field, the power required = 40,000/ 140 = 285 watt, which indicates the approximation has to do with 300 watt LED lights for each and every court.

And hence, you can see LED is an energy effective choice because the power consumption is lowered after the replacement from metal halide or halogen lights. However, it only make up the tennis play area and also the audience seat area is not considered. For a much more precise illumination design, our engineer will certainly offer you the support.

You have no need to stress over it is hard to find the LED lights with certain power since we produce different power flood lamps, from 100 watt to 10000 watt; for this reason you can constantly locate the luminaries that are best fit to your sporting activities fields.

3. Our Lighting for Tennis Court has High Lighting Uniformity

After solving the power selection, we need to focus on lighting uniformity.

It is a value varying from 0 to 1 to show the ratio between minimal or average lux to max lux in the specific location. We can visualize the uniformity increases with value as the distinction in between typical as well as max lux is lower.

Some owners may require the floodlights for tennis court need to have high illumination uniformity. It is reasonable to have this demand due to the fact that the unequal illumination across the area will certainly impact the vision as well as hence the performance of gamers, as well as the audience experience.

Normally, uniformity of 0.6 to 0.7 is adequate for almost all kinds of tennis court. To get the most effective results, our engineers make use of LED lights having various beam of light angle and projection angle. In the specialist setting, we will certainly need hundreds of smaller power LEDs.

4. High CRI for World-class Tennis Tournament

CRI in an index indicating how real the color is observed under the lights. For the top-class tournament such as Wimbledon and US Open, the CRI of the lighting for tennis field should have at least 80.

5. We offer a Wide Range of Color Temperature

The temperature indicates the color of the lights. For example, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6000K.

For the tennis court, most of the client will choose 5700K because that color temperature is very close the sunlight.

But for some tennis club, they may want the warm white light having 2800 to 3500K.

6. metal Halide, Halogen or Mercury Replacement

There are an increasing number of tennis facility proprietors willing to replace their old HID lights because of the instantaneous power saving as well as extension of lifetime.

The general suggestion is that we can compare the lighting performance of the present MH, halogen or other lights with LED.

As an example, 500W LED lights can replace 1000W metal halide if the illumination effectiveness of these lamps are 130 lm/W as well as 65 lm/W specifically. For the much more accurate and also in-depth explanation, please do not hesitate to approach our engineers by filling in our contact form. 

7. Our LED Tennis Court Floodlights has High Luminous Efficacy

To avoid costly maintenance fees, we can adopt the high-quality and durable products. Best quality lighting for tennis play should have the following 6 characteristics.

How to understand if my lighting components are energy conserving?

Actually, there is no direct relationship between power as well as the brightness of the flood lamps. A lower power light can be brighter than higher ones.

For example, a 400 watt metal halide bulb has 65 lm/W lights performance, therefore its lumen output (brightness) is 400 x 65 = 26000 lumens. However, our 300 watt LED light has 150 lm/W, which provides 300 x 150 = 45000 lumens. It is observed that if we choose the luminary with high efficiency, we can use lower power and also hence less quantity of light.

To avoid expensive maintenance fees, we can adopt the high-quality and also durable items.

8. Lighting that can Resist High Temperature for Outdoor Tennis Court

We need to ensure the outdoor lighting for tennis court can stand up to high temperature, such as under blistering sun. It is because overheating can harm the lights. Our items use the LED flip-chip modern technology that decrease the warm generation by 20% when comparing to the similar products offered in the marketplace.

It is strongly advised to make use of LED to change HID lamps since the previous one concert 95% power directly to lumen result while the latter one turns 40 to 50% energy to warmth, which exacerbates the overheating issue. Making use of the LED lights is an extrinsic method to manage high temperature problem.

9. The Lights Should be Waterproof

When the flood lamps are mounted, they will certainly be vulnerable to every adverse weather such as rainstorm and also snow for certain countries.

To have the far better support on the lights, it is highly advised to allow us know whether the surrounding environment have the special concern.

According to our experience, several of our customer reflect that acid rainfall issues are entailed near the court; in accordance with this problem, we even strengthen the tennis lights by including the slim polycarbonate cover over the light weight aluminum covering to assist improve the durability throughout the manufacture. In general, our items support IP65 water resistant.

10. The Flood Lamps Should Work Under Extremely Low Temperature

Specifically for outdoor tennis court, chances are that the lights might come across snow tornado. It is extremely not likely that the HID lights can work under such the low temperature level as a result of its delicate structure.

However, our LED light passes the low temperature level lab test. They can be practical approximately -40 ° C.

11. Lighting for Indoor Tennis Court Should Have Good Heat Dissipation System

Solid & relentless head damages the LED chips and also thus decrease the brightness and also lifetime.

To solve this issue, we develop exclusive and also effective heat dissipation system that keep proper heat lost. The heat sink entails dense aluminum fins affixed at the rear of the light to supply huge surface for the heat dissipation.

12. No Warm Up Time

With the modern technology improvement, exterior floodlighting for tennis court become extra usual in LED type.

In the past years, the 1000 Watts to 2000 Watts metal Halide needs around 15 minutes to warm up and they are required to be change frequently due to its fairly brief life expectancy.

Nevertheless, LED lights for tennis area do not need any kind of launch time, which means the luminaries can be turned on as well as off promptly.

13. Life Span of The Tennis Court Flood Lamp

Why do we need to pick the flood light that is more long-lasting? It is because it can avoid the costly replacement fees, including the expense of getting the new lights as well as re-installation.

MFG LED luminaries has 80,000 hrs life expectancy, which is equivalent to 27 years for if you switch on 8 hrs daily. If you contrast the service life of various type of conventional illumination (10000 hrs for fluorescent, 20000 hrs for HPS & LPS, 8000 hrs of metal halide, and etc), LED light has the very best efficiency.

14. Anti-glare Feature

Glare means the strong light that make the tennis players or audience feel discomfort or perhaps inflamed. Specifically for high power LED lights, if there is no special design on the LED chips, people might feel dazzling when taking a look at the lights. We have the patent design on the anti-glare lens that lower the dazzling effect by 40%.

15. Flickering Free LED Chips

This feature is essential for professional tennis courts that hold televised competition. Fluorescent and metal halide lights are at risk to flickering under cam because of the illumination dramatically vary under low frequency. This substantially influence the customer experience due to irregular brightness.

Nevertheless, the brand-new era LED lights work to 6000 Hz slow-moving movement camera as well as the change price is less than 0.3% (based on maximum lumen).

16. Modularization Design

Have you even wondered that how to repair the light if they are unforeseeably damaged? Instead of removing the entire light, we can just replace the broken unit (or module) by simple soldering.

17. Avoid Spill Lights Outside Tennis Court (Especially for Residential Areas)

Tennis courts’ light pollution influences the daily lives of surrounding residential areas, and the strong lights may also obscure the vision of the roadway individuals nearby.

According to the international standard, the illumination of the spill light ought to not go beyond 10 to 25 lux. By having the thorough illumination design, we can reduce the undesirable light in the best extent.

18. Special Consideration (Case-by-case study)

An interesting situation is one of our clients reflected that there are many small birds nesting on the stars due to the heat in the high school sports area.

There are not a problem for nesting on flood lamps, however, the eggs may not be stable when hanging in such the height and unsafe surface area.

Therefore, we include the shield that prevent them from staying on the lights. It is for the birds’ safety and security. Since we own a manufacturing facility and R&D team, we can make the special elements that assist fix the problems inside or outside the courts.

19. Free Photometric Design

Apart from buying the tennis court lamps, you can also enjoy FREE DIALux service from us. We know that each ball field will have different lighting requirement such as the number of poles, height of poles, brightness lux requirement, anti-glare, flicker-free or other special lighting needs of outdoor or indoor tennis court. We can satisfy your needs because we can offer tailor-made LED lighting for tennis court for you without any additional cost. As for the maintenance.

In addition to purchasing the tennis court lights, you can additionally enjoy FREE DIALux service from us.

We understand that each ball field will certainly have various lights requirement such as the number of posts, elevation of poles, brightness lux demand, anti-glare, flicker-free or various other unique lighting needs of exterior or indoor tennis court.

We can please your needs since we can offer custom-made LED lighting for tennis court for you without any extra expense.

20. Customization on Tennis Field Floodlights

We can provide free customization service. You can select any power from 300 to 10000W, the beam angle of 25, 40, 60, 90, 55*140°, color temperature from 2800 to 7500K and etc. Our engineers are eager to help.

21. Warranty

Before buying the LED lights, it is highly recommended to have a look at the warranty period. We offer 5-year warranty for the sports flood lights.

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