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Best Lighting Design for Football Field

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We offer floodlights for football pitches and free illumination design for football field, or referred as football pitch, having various requirements for recreational, secondary school, college, professional and international tournament.

Our LED football field lights abides by FIFA, Premier League and Olympic Games criteria. Our designers are proficient to make use of DIALux to make the very best lighting solution and produce the photometric analysis record.

In addition to introducing to you how ought to we put the exterior luminaire, we will also give you the ideas of the common mistakes, hence you can prevent them. Great planning is the pre-requisite of winning the lights tenders.

Lighting Requirement of Football Field

The requirement provides the lighting guide for the sports field. Let’s explore how to select the best flood lights.

1. Lux Level (Brightness) Required for Football Stadium

The lux requirement of televised and non-televised is big different.
According to the FIFA’S stadium lighting guide, the class V (i.e. international televised such as World Cup) football field has the highest standard level of 2400 lux (vertical – face of football players), and 3500 lux (horizontal – the turf).

However, if you are using this football field light for community ( Recreational use), usually, it only needs 200lux. And 500 lux will be required for some trainning field or the football club.

2. Uniformity Standard

Another important parameter is lighting uniformity.

It is a scale from 0 to 1 (max) reflecting the distribution of lumen across the sports field.

It is the ratio of minimum illuminance to average illuminance (U1), or ratio of minimum to maximum (U2).

So, if the lux level is quite similar for the whole ground, for example, 650 to 700 lux, then, the difference between minimum and maximum value is very small, and the uniformity will be closer to 1.

The lighting uniformity of the FIFA standard football stadium is 0.7, which is relatively challenging in the sports lighting industry.

3. Color Temperature

What color temperature is near the sunlight?

Well, according to the test, it is 5700K.

So, for the football light field, usually, we recommend to use 5700K.

Football Field Lighting Design

Lighting design is sometimes referred to as photometric analysis.

According to the football lighting design guidebook, the size of football field, height, location, and number of light poles, illuminance level and uniformity should be taken into account. Then, the engineers will plan the luminaires in the following steps.

Step 1: Creating the Football Field

DIALux is a powerful yet free software for lighting designer because it can create almost all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports field.

There are different templates fields such as football field, tennis court, badminton court and more.

Afterwards, the designer will draw the light pole with the specific dimensions. The purpose is to simulate the real scenario and the placement of light. It helps give the more accurate results.

Step 2: Planning the LED Flood Lights

Lighting engineer will then “affix” the luminaires onto the high-mast light poles inside the software.

Different combination of power, lumen output and beam angle produce vastly different outcome. Our job is to figure out the best design for football field lights. Since the requirement is different every time, we will design the unique, case-by-case solution.

Step 3: Generating the Photometric Analysis Report

Lastly, we render the reports for our clients.

It is consisted of several parts. The value chart contains the lux value across the field, which gives you the overall idea of how bright is the sports ground.

The isolines joint the same illuminance into a same line, while the false color rendering gives you a better visualization on the brightness of the field.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing the Sports Lights

To improve the quality of your submission, we can avoid the following common mistakes of sports lighting design.

1. Avoid Light Pollution in Your Design

The stadiums are using up to 60000 to 100000 watt LED lights. The poor control of light spill affects the living quality of the residents nearby. The strong glare will blur the vision of road users and thus jeopardize lives of pedestrian.

To solve this issue, our LED stadium lights come with anti-glare and precise optical system that direct the lights onto the designated areas to reduce light loss.

Besides, we can use the floodlights having smaller beam angle, and thus the lights become more concentrated. For example, 45 or 60 degree.

2. Lifespan of the Luminary

Some electrical contractor might omit the service life of the lights.

Indeed, the lights that can last for more than 20 years is a great incentives for the stadium owners.

Frequent replacement also means high maintenance cost. Our LED lights have 100000 hours lifespan, which is equivalent to 27 years if they are turned on for 8 hours each day.

3. Flickering Issue of Your Lighting Design

This issue is especially prominent in the football stadium holding the international, televised competitions.

In the lighting design, we should ensure that the lighting for football pitch will not flicker under the slow-motion camera; otherwise, it will significantly affect the audience experience.

The strobing light affect the judgment under playback, also it will make your stadium looks unprofessional.

Nonetheless, our sports field lights are designed for high-speed camera. They have the flickering rate less than 0.3%, which fulfils the international broadcasting standard.

By considering all of the above factors, your chance of success will be greatly improved. You can always get the professional and the best lighting opinion by contact us.


Stadiums are massive outdoor structures, steeped in history and built to exhibit football as well as possible to everyone who is there.

Football is not a mere game but the entire sport enthralls the mind and body in a spectacular way. The game has its own strategy and every minute builds a new suspense.

Night play is a very challenging tasks as we need to ensure there is adequate illumination for the huge turf.

To achieve it, we can have comprehensive photometric design before buying the lighting fixtures. There are stunning stadiums all over the world and they have been widely renowned for their architecture, ground, ambience and the overall capacity, lighting would always be an indispensable part.

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