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Four Options for you choice of Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Grow Lights,meet all your need

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1.Knob Dimming

Dimming 0%-100% with dimming design,no flicker.

2.Smart Control

Control 200 lights at the same time,Knob dimming+RJport+Bluetooth control.

3.Smart control,200 lights

Control the spectrum individually,Knob dimming+RJport+Bluetooth control.

4.Smart control,200 Lights

Far remote control,Knob dimming+RJport+Bluetooth control.

Note;the controller needs to be connectived to other devices to adjust the temperature and humidity.

The frist time you need to download the APP,connect the controller and the light body,synchronize the network WiFi settings,and the use it to remotely control.

You can also visit our LEDB2B LED Grow Lights video for more details:https://www.ledb2b.com/video/show/21/

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