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Why should I use LED corn bulbs?Which place can I use Corn bulbs?

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LED corn bulbs provide greater energy efficiency, which reduces replacement and maintenance costs.Both drives and LED lights are protected from bugs, dust, weather and high temperatures.Corn bulbs are low-voltage and last five times longer than conventional bulbs.LED corn bulbs are also durable, have a 360-degree beam Angle, and can be turned on instantly.

Corn bulb lighting is ideal for both indoor and outdoor commercial applications, including the following:

High bay lighting

These lights are usually used on ceilings between 20 and 45 feet high.

Low Bay lighting

These lights are usually used on ceilings not taller than 20 feet high.

Cobra Fixture lighting

These lights are typically used for illuminating highways, streets, parking areas and more.

Flood lights

Outdoor lights used to illuminate a broad area such as parks and playing fields.

Drop lighting,LED Linear Shop Light

A light suspended from the ceiling with a chain, cord, or rod.

Post Top lighting

These are lights that rest at the top of a pole of some sort. They are typically found along walkways and parks.

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