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Meanwell Waterproof LED Power Supply

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Company Information

Product Details

Features of Meanwell Waterproof LED Power Supply:

Overload protection,Output over voltage protection

Short circuit protection ;Stable performance and high efficiency

AC input power suitable for the world

※Color: Black

※Waterproof: IP67

※Ripple& Noises: ≤ 100mV

※Input plug: AU, EU, US, UK, CN are available

※Operaturing temperature: -25°C~+60°C, 20%~90%RH

※Storage temperature: -40°C~+70°C, 10%~95%RH

※MTBF: >5000H

※Certificate:cUL,RoHS, CCC, CE, PSE, GS, CE, FCC, SAA , with 3 years quality warranty.

Datesheet of Meanwell Waterproof LED Power Supply:

ModelPowerSize(mm)Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentIP Rate/EfficiancyPFWeight(kg)
W-15-12/2415W124*30*20100-264V12V,24V1.25A,0.62AIP67 EFF:75%0.50.14
W-20-12/2420W160*30*20100-264V12V,24V1.66A,0.83AIP67 EFF:78%0.50.21
W-30-12/2430W201*31*20100-264V12V,24V2.5A,1.25AIP67 EFF:80%0.50.25
W-45-12/2445W231*41*23100-264V12V,24V3.75A,1.875AIP67 EFF:80%0.50.4
W-60-12/2460W151*72*43100-264V12V,24V5A,2.5AIP67 EFF:82%0.50.85
W-100-12/24100W222*72*44100-264V12V,24V8.3A,3.3AIP67 EFF:82%0.51.22
W-150-12/24150W200*120*53170-264V12V,24V12.5A,6.25AIP67 EFF:82%0.52.47
W-200-12/24200W200*120*53170-264V12V,24V16.6A,8.3AIP67 EFF:82%0.52.47

Application of Meanwell Waterproof LED Power Supply:

Digital and electronic products .

LCD, LED, CD-ROM, DVD-RW Notebook PC, Portable Device

CCTV camera, fiber transceivers


1、When installation Desktop Power Supply, try to avoid the minefields, strong magnetic field and high-pressure region.

2、Installed in a well-ventilated place to ensure appropriate environmental temperature.

3、To prohibit the live wiring, check to confirm wiring is correct, check the no short-circuit, and then power!

4、In case of failures, do not maintenance in private.

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